The latest version of SegPlay® Full can be found on our download page:

Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements (generally a PC running a Windows 64bit Operating System is sufficient)

You can verify if you machine is running 64bit by following these instructions:

Download the exe file (SegPlayFullInstall.exe) to any location on your PC and run it by double clicking it.  Depending on virus software that you have installed on your PC, you may need to wait until the file is virus checked, or in the worse case, disable your virus software until the program is installed.

Once installed, you should see a SegPlayFull folder in your Start menu with icons to start SegPlay® Full and also to uninstall it.

When SegPlay® Full is first run, you should expect a delay as files are downloaded and extracted.  With typical internet and computer speeds, this shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes.

Last Update: April 27, 2018  

April 27, 2018   1665   Mark Feldman  
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