Segmation Technology

For well over 20 years Segmation has been perfecting it’s unique image processing algorithm to create detailed paint by number patterns that appear photorealistic when completed.

The precise geometric tracing of similarly colored pixels and transforming them into scalable vector lines that never intersect is just one part of process.

Then we apply some really fancy color science magic and determine the optimal colors to include the palette.

You’ll find that painting our patterns are different that most paint by number sets.  Because we allow you to zoom in to fill the tiniest of pieces and because our colors are accurately determined by a well tuned computer program, the resulting images bare a striking resemblance to the original artwork they were based on.

Newer ideas such as rendering efficiently with 3-D animated materials, blending colors between those in the palette, original color, and material, and adjusting the lighting to show off the surfaces, give you the opportunity to create and view real cool art from these patterns!

Our well design software programs allow you to paint these patterns interactivity, complete with visual effects, optimized rendering, and well thought out interfaces.

But please, don’t be concerned with all of the minor details that goes into making our patterns and software.  Just have fun painting them in our Segmation products!


Have fun fully stylizing the lines in the patterns!

These lines precisely define the pieces that you’ll need to fill with paint.

You’ll be able to choose from a selection of line styles including solid, dashed and dotted.

Make them any color your heart desires, as well as adjust their width – thin to fat!

You’ll notice that as you zoom into the pattern with the wheel on your mouse, the lines remain the same size.  This makes it easy to paint pieces even when zoomed in.

You can also adjust the line’s transparency so that they’re very obvious or hardly noticeable.

Finally, you can choose to continue showing them them after pieces are filled in!


Changing the numbers that show on the pieces is as easy as 1-2-3! There’s actually a lot more to stylizing the numbers that than.  Changing the size, color, and opacity is easy to do with sliders and color selectors in the Style panel.

You’ll also able to change the number system so rather than everyday Arabic numerals, you can switch to showing the numbers in Chinese, Roman, Thai, Greek, or Hebrew characters.

Numbers appear both on the pattern and in the palette, so you’ll able to change the number system in either of these as well.  This makes for a full challenge to help you learn a new numbering system.

Finally you can choose to show the numbers after the pieces are painted.


Lighting is an important element on giving the pattern some realism and showing off the paint materials you are using.  Lights are automatic moved over the pattern providing a subtle highlighting effect which makes the pattern “pop”.

We allow you to choose between four types of lighting: Daylight, Nighttime, Studio, and Museum.  Each provides a different lighting effect with color, intensity, movement, and more.

You can also override the light color, adjust the speed, and intensity.

Normally the background behind the pattern shows the easel and the studio behind it.  You have the choice to fade out these elements out and just have a solid color show.  You want nothing distracting you from just painting the pattern?  We get it!


The canvas is the surface below the pattern. We’ve placed it right on the wooden easel in each of the studios and make sure it’s front and center.

And just as a real life canvas would look, you can make this canvas appear like a cotton, linen, woven, or plain material.

You can even given the canvas a solid color, or have the original image of the pattern blended in – a lot or a little.

When placed on top of the easel in the provided studios, the canvas is one more element In SegPlay® Full that will make you feel like you’re painting with real paints on a real surface!


Completing our patterns means you’ll be applying paint to the pieces, simply by selecting a color from the palette and touching the piece.

Sure you can use boring flat colors for painting, but we provide you with quite a bit more capability in this fun product.

First, change the way the paint fills the pieces from expanding swirls, growing dots and other eye pleasing effects.

Then you can create paints that actually appear as materials such as stain glass,wood, marble, and more.

Or better yet create a unique paint that’s really a blend of material, palette colors, and the original image for a custom look.


Our patterns can be very complicated!  But don’t despair – we provide a handy mini-map to help you find your way around.  As it’s name sounds, this is a small map that helps you figure out where in the pattern you are looking at.

The Mini-map panel is conveniently docked on the right side of the painting screen and shows both a thumbnail of the pattern and a highlighted red rectangle around the pattern area that’s currently visible on the screen.  You can drag the rectangle around to change the view.  There’s also built in tools to zoom in and out as well as reset the view.

Don’t get lost in the lines! – The mini-map will be your best friend!


SegPlay® Full will soon offer you the world’s largest collection of digital paint by number patterns.

Over the course of 20+ years, we’ve digitized and processed an incredible assortment of patterns organized into different themes.  The image processing and color science algorithms we’ve developed in our custom software ensure that the patterns you paint have sufficient detail and precisely calculated colors, such that your finished painting has an exact matching appearance to the original art.

From historical artists to photographers to illustrators, our large and diverse sets provide you with intricate and vibrant art to paint.  There’s also plenty of simpler clip art based patterns as well which allow you to quickly complete a piece of art.

You be able to quickly browse and sort through available patterns, see their painting progress, and quickly choose one to paint!


Each pattern comes with a unique color palette that is optimally created so that the resulting painting resembles the original artwork.

In the Creative mode, you’ll be able to use different palettes while painting which will allow you to explore endless possibilities of color choices.

SegPlay® Full comes with several built in color palettes, but you can also create your own, one swatch at a time.  Have fun using your favorite hues, tints and tones!  Or better yet: start with the original palette for the pattern and tweak the colors as your heart desires.

Another fun idea – use the pattern completion button to automatically paint the pattern with the closest matching colors in your own palette!


Our studios provide the perfect backdrop for your painting experience!

These well detailed 3-D modeled rooms provide an inspiring and relaxing mood for you to complete the patterns.

We put a wooden easel holding your chosen pattern front and center but feel free to gauze just behind it to see whats inside the studio.

Of course if you find the studios too distracting, you can always fade them out to a solid background color.

There are several studio rooms  (living room, family room, and kitchen ) to choice from, and even more on the drawing board to be introduced in future releases. Who knows, we might even offer you to chance to explore these rooms as you take a break from painting!


Our patterns have a wide range of complexities – some with just 20 or so pieces, to some with several thousand pieces.  Many times you just want to paint one area of pattern and forget about the rest.

Our pattern simplify feature allows you to do just that.  With some simple cropping tools you can change the pattern to contain only the area you select.  You see a reduction in the number of pieces and colors.

Rest assured, you can always go back to the original pattern if you’d like!


The Pattern Information dialog provides a convenient way to find out more about the pattern you are painting.

You can easily compare your painting against the original artwork, and the original pattern.

You can see the number of colors and number of pieces in the pattern.

You can see who the pattern is credited with, and for some of the historical artists, which year the painting was created.

Finally, you can also see what pattern set this pattern is in.


The screenshot dialog allows you save the pattern with your painting to a png image file.

You can choose between saving the pattern itself, the pattern in the studio, or the finished image.  You can also save the color palette as a separate png.

When you save the pattern, you can adjust the resolution so that you can save to a large file with all of the detail, or to a smaller file to send as an email for sharing.

You can also rotate the pattern when it is saved, and adjust the lightness of the pattern against a white background in the file.

All of this means you can have some great fun doing off-line coloring!


Our hint game modes are built around the idea of highlighting pieces of the current number to make them easier to find and paint.

It’s a simple, yet powerful idea that makes this program so much more enjoyable than traditional painting.  It’s great for beginners and also makes it easy to tackle some of the harder patterns,

When pieces are highlighted in the pattern, they are drawn such that they standout both by only showing the numbers for highlighted pieces and fading out other pieces.

There are also a few other options for the hint modes (e.g. blinking the numbers).

Either way, we all can use a few hints now and then!


We provide a convenient way to tweak many of the settings in the program.

The Options dialog gives you quick access to them, organized into several categories.  You can launch the options dialog from the home screen menu or from all of the others screens.  Just look for the “gear” icon

Graphics options allow you to change the graphics quality and show a  FPS (frames per second) counter to gauge your computer’s rendering performance.

Mouse options give you customization on the sensitivity of mouse movement when zooming, and dragging.

There are many Game options to adjust the various ways the program operates.  For example you might choice to show the mistakes when painting (a red X will briefly appear), or whether to show the opening video when the program starts.

And there are still more options involving the Audio, Help, and Language selection!


There’s more than one way to complete a paint by numbers!  We offer you many fun, unique, and creative choices for how to paint our patterns!

There are 3 basic groups of game modes: “Paint by Numbers”, “Puzzle by Numbers”, and Creative”

The game modes in the Paint by Numbers group all involve filling numbered pieces with matching paint.  There’s a hint mode that makes it easier to find the pieces! Scored and timed modes to make painting more challenging as you try to beat the clock. Connected, color sequence, and border require you to paint the pieces in a certain order. And there’s a No Mistakes mode which requires you to paint the pattern while keeping the mistakes to a minimum.

The games modes in the Puzzle by Number group are all similar, except you’ll be dragging the pieces into place rather than painting them.  It’s kind of like a cross between dong a jigsaw puzzle and paint by numbers!

Finally the creative mode allows you to change color palettes or create your own.  You can paint without having to follow the numbers!


In SegPlayFull paint consists of a material that is applied to the pattern.

Think of these materials as having physical, 3-D  properties such as wood, metal, stained glass, marble, and more.  There’s actually more than 50 materials available in the program.

We provide some advanced features like animating the material to give a flowing impression.

Also the color of the paint is formed  using a blend of colors from the color palette, the original image, and the material itself.


SegPlayFull contains over 30 built in help pages which describe virtually all of the features in the program.  The appropriate page will appear where ever the help icon is selected.

This makes it convenient to find help specific to the dialog or screen that you are on, rather than search through a detailed help document.

There’s also popup hint help that will hover when the mouse is resting on top of a user interface item.


Painting our patterns takes time!   Sure it’s relaxing, but we also provide you with several clues to let you know how you’re doing.

At the top of the painting screen you find two progress bars.  One keeps track of the number of pieces painted.  The other keeps track of how many pieces are painted for the currently selected number.

On the bottom of the color swatch in the palette there’s also a small progress bar showing how much of that color has been painted.

So just relax and paint those pieces!  We’ll keep track of how you’re doing!


One of the great features of Segmation is the vast collection of digital art patterns we have.  In the coming months we expect to have all of our 200+ pattern sets remastered for SegPlayFull.

Our collection is the largest in the world!  The themes for our sets range from famous historical artists, to vibrant photography of flowers, animals, and buildings, to detailed illustrations of people, food items, cars, hearts, holidays, farm scenes, cows, and so much more.

Purchase a single set or subscribe to our ever growing collection.  You’ll never tire of painting our colorful patterns.

Color Blending

The paint you apply to the patterns can be adjusted to take into account the color of the palette, the color of the original image the pattern was created from, and the color of the current material.

The blending process uses these 3 colors to combine them according to a mixture you define by setting a point in a triangle. Each corner represents the palette, image, and material color and you can blend between them.

Blending is a fascinating and unique feature to allow you to be creative with the look you give your painting!


When you start SegPlay® Full, you’ll be greeted with a Tips dialog that shows you an interesting tip about the program.  It will show a new tip ever time you start the program.

We hope they’re informative and you discover new features as you read through them. There’s a set of buttons at the top of the dialog to help you quickly cycle through them as well.

Of course feel free to turn them off by unchecking a check box in the dialog.  You can always re-enable them by going in to the options dialog.


What’s better than relaxing while painting our patterns?  Listening to some great music as you paint!!

We’ve included 4 custom looping instrumental soundtracks that you can choose from.  They’ll available in the options dialog.

Choice your favorite – from a soothing piano melody, a great sounding strings based melody, a up tempo suspenseful composition, or  our traditional Segmation theme.

There’s also some fun sound effects in the game to let you known when pieces are painted, when colors are finished, when the pattern is finished, and many more




The About dialog contains a lot of information you’ll find valuable!

Find out more about SegPlay® Full, Segmation®, and SegPlay® for mobile devices.

See how to get support and reset the program.

Check out the credits page where we thank those involved with the concept and design of the program.

Look over the readme page to see what’s new and review the license for the program.

Check the license for the program and find out the current version number and release date.


When you’re painting it fun to try out some of the fill effects built in to SegPlay® Full.

Paint can be immediately applied to the entire piece or allowed to “expand” throughout the piece. Several techniques are used including spirals, multiple dots and gradients all of which eventually cover the piece.

Additional explosions, flames, and other effects can be enabled to make your painting more exciting.

You’ll even able to adjust the time for the fill to complete.

Watching paint dry has never been more exciting!

Hiding the UI

Sometimes all you want to do is paint!

We get it!!  You don’t want to be distracted by all of the other great features in the program.

SegPlay® Full offers a very simple way to clear away everything standing in the way of you and the pattern.

On the top of the painting screen, you’ll find a button to hide the user interface items so just the pattern (and palette) are accessible.  It’s that easy.  Just remember to select the button again to access the rest of the program!


Many of our patterns are easy to complete.. with a few dozen pieces and at most a few minutes at the most.

Some of our patterns are difficult..we’re talking thousands of pieces!  It might take many hours to complete them.

In SegPlay® Full we off a simplify feature.  When you select a pattern, look for the button with a crop icon on it.

In the Simplify dialog you’ll crop a rectangle around the image and just like that, the pattern will be simplified and have few pieces in it and perhaps fewer colors.

You can always go back to the original pattern if you like.