Download SegPlay® Full here!

All of our downloads are provided in self-installing (.exe) format, so you can run any installation directly from your browser. On some browsers you can also choose to download the exe (SegPlayFullInstall.exe) to your computer first before running. Note that some virus software program may require you to first scan the file before it is either downloaded or run.

SegPlay® Full will run in an evaluation mode for 10 days. This mode has some limitations and should be used by you to verify that the software runs without any issues on your machine. If you already have a license code for SegPlay® Full, you can enter it when the program starts.

If you have purchased pattern sets with your license code, they will be automatically installed when the program starts.

Download size: 183MB
Current Version: 0.16BETA (May 20, 2018)

PC Requirements:

  • 64-bit Windows Operating System
  • 4GB of RAM or higher
  • 2 button Mouse with wheel
  • Graphics card with 2MB memory or higher
  • Internet connectivity (required on first run to download additional content)

You can easily determine if your PC is a 64-bit Operating System by opening Control Panel/System and Security/System and noting what is shown next to “System type:”

Alternatively on Windows 10, to check whether you’re using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 10, open the Settings app by pressing Windows+I, and then head to System > About. On the right side, look for the “System type” entry.

SegPlay® Full overview

Watch an overview video explaining the exciting features we’ve included in SegPlay® Full!

Getting Started with SegPlay® Full

Watch our “Getting Started” video to help introduce you to the SegPlay® Full product!

Stylizing Patterns

Our Stylizing video will explain how to add some style to the patterns!


Our Screenshot video will explain how to print, email, and save pattern bitmaps!

Studio Explorer

Our Studio Explorer video will explain how to use the Studio Explorer feature to unlock historical art studios and search for factoids!

Game Modes

Our Game mode video will explain how to use the various game mode to vary the way you complete the patterns!

Using the Palette

Our Palette video will explain how to use the palette panel

Creative Mode

Our Creative Mode video will show how to use and create new palettes, and paint with advanced features.