SegPlay® Full

SegPlay® Full is an exciting and new desktop software product targeting the beginner art enthusiast.  It’s built around the concept of using vector-based segmented patterns to help artists easily create amazing, true to life artworks, both on screen and on paper.

At its core, SegPlay® Full is a digital form of the time-honored Paint-by-Number arts and craft project where paint and other media are precisely applied to numbered regions on a canvas to create a masterpiece.  SegPlay® Full expands the fun and creativity of this activity by adding many game modes, explore-able artist studios, and historical art features

There’s a wide assortment of activities inside this program to engage artists of all skill levels!

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    Realistic 3D artist studios with many features and details add visual interest and realism while painting.  They’re also a provide a bit of fun factor!  We’ve included three studios initially and have plans for many more.

    You’ll have access to over 25 provided patterns in the product (and much more available online) organized in a well designed and sorted layout.  These patterns are created using a process that results in an amazing looking photo-realistic result.

    The pattern can be stylized to provide a more custom pattern display and painting experience. Elements such as lines, numbers, canvas, and paint can be precisely defined just the way you like them.

    You’ll find innovative game modes and variations which allow you to complete patterns in many different ways. From the relaxing normal and hints modes to the competitive scored and timed modes, to the jigsaw puzzle like puzzle-by-number modes, you’ll surely find one that matches your own pace and interests!

    You’ll be able to save, email, and print your painted patterns with high resolution allowing you to share with friends. You’ll even be able to add guides to the pattern that provide clues and details to the pattern to help make your off-line coloring work look amazing.

    Our creative game mode opens up many possibilities on how the patterns are painted. You’ll have access to many palettes and realistic real-world materials to use when coloring. It’s even possible to create your own color palettes which contain your favorite colors!

    Video Preview

    We’re hard at work polishing and fixing bugs, but want to give you a preview of the program.  We’ve put together a short video that introduces and shows off a number of great features in the program including the newly designed interface, our 3D studios with lots of details, and innovative game modes such as the new puzzle-by-number variations.  We’ve also spent time perfecting our real-world materials and allowing you to apply them to the pattern.

    Enjoy watching!  After several long years of working on this project, we’re getting close to the end and expect to release it sometime in the summer of 2019.

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